This is a curated list of the best active campaigns across all the opt-in platforms (also called brand deal marketplaces) right now. You can join each of these platforms – and pply to campaigns on them – for free, and here is your “cheat sheet” to some of our favorites.Are you a smaller creator? Looking for UGC deals? Scroll down towards the bottom…

Exclusive Opportunities

Has this platform helped you improve your account, learn new strategies, and start making money with brand deals? Do you think some of your followers want to be a creator just like you? Share CreatorSource with them and get paid for all new sign ups through your custom code!

Compensation: $25 per new sign up
Influencer Size Range: All CreatorSource users
Contact: Email us at support@miniclass.co to get started!
Pensight helps creators like you accept brand deals and monetize your knowledge by offering coaching, courses, memberships, and other digital products to your audience. It can be set up in minutes, replaces multiple tools (Calendly, WordPress, Zoom, Patreon and more) all at once, and eliminates the hassle of back-and-forth emails to manage your online knowledge business.Are you an authentic creator with expert knowledge in a specific niche? Are you already a coach, or do you ever share content with your audience on how to make money online?After using Pensight as your Link In Bio for at least one month, you’ll create 1-3 testimonial / how-to videos (20-40 seconds each) naturally and passionately showing other creators how they can grow their online business by monetizing their knowledge. Videos will be posted to your channels, with paid usage rights (whitelisting) for two months. (EXAMPLE)

Compensation: $100-$1,000, depending on follower size
Influencer Size Range: 1K+ on Instagram or TikTok, must have 1%+ engagement
Contact: Book a call with their team HERE!
SUPP UP. was born from a desire to maintain health and fitness levels no matter the circumstances or environment, and share that knowledge with everyone – whether you’re military or a regular civilian. Their eBooks and guides are all research-backed with peer-reviewed articles that validate their guidance on health and wellness.They’re looking for creators who speak about health, wellness, fitness, and related topics to share SUPP UP. with their audience, focusing on how SUPP UP. guides are concise, research-backed, adaptable to all diets and lifestyles, and easy to read, remember and take with you on-the-go.

Compensation: $100-$500 per Reel, depending on follower size
Influencer Size Range: 1K+ on Instagram
Contact: Email Amy at pr@supp-up.com and mention CreatorSource sent you.

Kids & Family Campaigns

Cap’n Crunch Cereal
Cap’n Crunch appeals to the kid in all of us. He is a famed adventurer, a breakfast connoisseur, and raconteur who has been “Crunch-a-tizing” the ordinary into exciting adventures at the breakfast table and beyond.Cap’n Crunch has dropped its anchor on TikTok to explore and interact with its wildly fun fanbase in the platform. Each year, Cap’n Crunch drops a limited release flavor for spooky season called Halloween Crunch, featuring ghost shaped cereal pieces that turn the milk green!

Compensation: Up to $1,000
Influencer Size Range: 18-36 years old
Woolino is home to the 4-Season Ultimate Baby Sleep Bag, made of 100% natural Australian merino wool and GOTS certified organic cotton. Merino wool’s natural temperature control and breathability help to keep baby comfortable all throughout the night, leading to safer & longer sleep. The universal sizing fits for 2m-2yrs, making this the only sleep bag you’ll need year-round!

Compensation: Product + Commission
Influencer Size Range: Parents who are pregnant or have babies under 2-years-old
COSMO Technologies
The Jr. Track Kids Smartwatch by COSMO is the best-selling, all-in-one safe starter phone that kids can wear! It’s the perfect smartphone alternative for safety & connection for kids ages 5-12. Choose your own trend! When you receive your watch, do some research to see what is trending on TikTok or Instagram, and incorporate our product in that trend! It can be a trending sound, challenge or concept.

Compensation: $50-250
Influencer Size Range: 10K+ on TikTok or 7.5K+ on Instagram, 1.5%+ engagement
Here at ZOKU, we understand the importance of having all the necessary supplies to make the transition back to school as smooth as possible. That’s why we offer a wide range of products specifically designed for students on-the-go. From stylish and durable lunch boxes that keep food fresh and organized, portable cutlery, to kids bottles that are spill-proof and easy to carry, we have everything you need to ensure your child’s meals are enjoyable and hassle-free. Are you ready to inspire your community to live more creatively? Don’t miss out on these essential items – join us on this campaign and get ready for a successful school year!

Compensation:rFlat Rate + Commission + Product
Influencer Size Range: A passionate creator, maker, inventor, artist, cook, student or parent based in the U.S.
Baby Jogger
Are you an adventurous parent who is always on the go and exploring new places? We’re looking for stylish and trendy moms who always have somewhere to go and want to bring their baby with them! Selected influencers will be asked for 1 Instagram post, 1 Instagram story, 1 blog post, 1 Pinterest post and 1 Facebook post.

Compensation: Payment based on follower size + Free Product
Influencer Size Range: Are you an adventurous parent who is always on the go and exploring new places? We’re looking for stylish and trendy moms who always have somewhere to go and want to bring their baby with them!

Food & Drink Campaigns

Hellmanns + Kroger
Hellmann’s is the official mayonnaise of Georgia and Texas A&M athletics! Content should encourage Texas A&M and Georgia football fans to choose Hellmann’s for their game day recipes. Creators should share about the Hellmann’s recipe they’re choosing to make for their upcoming tailgate, watch party, etc.The goal is to drive trial and awareness of Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise and generate excitement that this product can be found at your local Kroger store.

Compensation: Creator places bid
Influencer Size Range: 48K+ followers on Instagram
Steve’s Family Foods
Our Salmon Nuggets take old-school nuggets to the next level, by using wild-caught Alaskan Sockeye and Coho Salmon as the filling instead of bland and boring chicken. You will be the first to help us launch into Whole Foods and spread the word. Whole foods will also be receiving a special Gluten Free variety of our nuggets, in addition to our regular salmon nugget. They’re great for kids and adults; make amazing tacos and taste amazing paired with a variety of dipping sauces. All Non-GMO Project Verified, certified sustainable by MSC, made in the USA and have over 800mg Omega 3s per serving!

Compensation: $50-150
Influencer Size Range: Female 25+ in the US with 3K+ Instagram followers
Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC
At Fresh Roasted Coffee, we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of quality, service, and sustainability. Our fresh coffee beans are roasted to order, immediately packaged, and shipped so customers (like you) are able to experience fresh coffee at its peak drinkability, just a few days after being roasted to perfection.

Compensation: $75 + Product
Influencer Size Range: 5K-250K Followers
Wabilogic Inc.
Frothing has never been easier! You will receive a complimentary Melitta® Montalatte Milk Frother. It makes extra creamy, super foamy froth in minutes for perfect cappuccinos and lattes just like the ones at your favorite coffee shop. It has special technology built-in to ensure the best quality froth and hot chocolate can be produced. It has a special, built-in sensor to ensure milk is never over nor under-heated during the froth preparation process. The temperature for the frothed milk is always optimal.

Compensation: $50-300 + Product
Influencer Size Range: 10K+ Followers, 2%+ Engagement, 24+ years old in the US or Canada
QMixers on the Go
This summer, we want to showcase Q Mixers as an easy, fun drink to enjoy while you’re out on the town with friends. Maybe that’s at a backyard BBQ, playing FROLF, pickleball, heading to movies in the park, or an outdoor music festival, we want to be the easy to mix cocktail mixer you bring to elevate your night.

Compensation: Payment based on follower size + Free Product
Influencer Size Range: 15K+ IG Followers
Other Requirements:You LOVE creating cocktail/mocktail recipes, food pairings, entertaining, making getting outdoors fun25+ and live in the US
Green Valley
Do you LOVE dairy but are lactose intolerant or sensitive? Green Valley is here to help! We make a full line of delicious real dairy lactose-free products, made for 100% of dairy lovers.Calling all Foodie, Lifestyle and Mom Creators! We are focussing on helping you have easy, nutritious and delicious dairy without the worry of lactose! Show your followers how you benefit from using Green Valley products and how your enjoy eating them most.

Compensation: $50-300
Influencer Size Range: 7K+ Followers + 2%+ Engagement
EveryPlate is America’s best value meal kit with pre-measured ingredients and filling recipes at only $4.99/meal. We know throwing together a meal can be challenging so that’s why we plan, shop and deliver so you can simply cook and eat. Our recipes are quick to make & you never have to juggle too many pots or pans. We make delicious meals every week, at a price everyone can afford.

Compensation: Payment based on follower size + Free Product
Influencer Size Range: Creators who know their way around a busy lifestyle, while also making time to cook delicious meals in the kitchen.
Thyme&Table New Cookware
We are launching our cookware collection soon! We have added colors and a new touch to our latest and innovative kitchen essentials!

Compensation: $250 per creator (for 1 Reel + 1 Story), Free Cookware Set + tools & gadgets, opportunity to be featured on our Instagram
Influencer Size Range: US-based creators who love cooking and have authentic recipes.
Taste Republic
We’re a gluten-free fresh pasta brand that believes bland food is just, well…boring. That’s why we’re dialed in on a singular mission (some may say obsessive, and we’re ok with that) to ensure everyone can enjoy pasta that actually tastes like pasta – no matter dietary restrictions or lifestyle choices.

Compensation: $200 + $10 for cost of product
Influencer Size Range: 10K-250K Followers

Health & Wellness Campaigns

The Sports Edit
The Sports Edit is ready for Summer, and we want YOU to show us how you move. ☀️ We like what you’re about, and we would love to collaborate on content together to celebrate moving and having fun in the Summer sun.

Compensation: Gifted Summer Active Collection, flat fee based on follower size, and commission on sales with your unique discount code
Influencer Size Range: You love to get out there and move – yoga, run, swim, train, tennis, hike, you’re up to try it all.
Free access to the WRKOUT platform with all features and benefits. Through having your own STORE, you will be able to earn commissions ranging from 10% to 18% across the board from brands your clients and audience already know and trust. The WRKOUT store will give you access to making commissions off top brands in the fitness industry such as TRX, Hyperice, Triggerpoint, and more!

Compensation: $50-300 + Free WRKOUT platform access
Influencer Size Range: 1K+ Followers, 1.5%+ Engagement
Hubble Contacts Content
We are Hubble! A direct to consumer brand of contact lenses that provides daily disposable contacts at an affordable price, shipped right to your doorstep.We’ve been featured in GQ, Mashable, and Vogue, and now we’re looking for passionate content creators to work with us. We are looking for genuine brand/product reviews, and other engaging content that we can promote!You can expect competitive pay per post, and getting your first box of contacts for $1. Looking forward to your application!

Compensation: Payment based on follower size
Influencer Size Range: TBD

Beauty Campaigns

Eminence Organics
We have an upcoming product launch and want you to experience these two exciting products! We would love for you to try the products and share your experience via video format for us to share with our audience 🌟Compensation: $150Influencer Size Range: Age 25+ in the US or Canada

Fashion Campaigns

For 140 years, Wolverine has been supporting the people who forge their own path; those who stop at nothing to build the future they want. With a commitment to comfort and quality, our boots are crafted to withstand the toughest conditions to help doers like you out do everything that comes their way. Although we are home to America’s Original Work Boot, we have boots for every occasion. We’re seeking women & men lifestyle/fashion-focused creators to help us capture content and promote the all new Torrent.Compensation: TBDInfluencer Size Range: Any creators who like boots.
Moda Xpress
This is a UGC campaign for jeans. The theme of this campaign is surrounding confidence and self-love. We want you to have fun and feel good in our clothes while giving us quality content ✨ The content should be highlighting the products and inviting the audience to check out the website. We are open to hearing different ideas and may request different visuals such as a green screen, or a get ready with me etc.Compensation: $100-300Influencer Size Range: 2K+ Followers on IG or TT

Travel Campaigns

TrovaTrip helps organize international group trips with 10-20 of their core followers in destinations all around the world. We handle all planning, logistics, and trip execution, and provide you the tools to help discover the most engaged, loyal members of your audience. TrovaTrip is a member of the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association and has partnered with dozens of LGBTQIA+ creators to host trips with their audience and are proud advocates of equality, safety, and representation in the travel space. TrovaTrip hosts choose their own profit margin, making $8,000-$12,000 on average per trip ($20k+ on sold-out trips). You can bring a plus one (for free) too.Compensation: Up to $1,000 pay + up to $1,000 commissionInfluencer Size Range: LGBTQIA+ Creators with at least 4,500 followers

Pet Campaigns

HUND Denmark
Hund Denmark has the perfect accessories for your dog’s OOTD. Not only are our collars the purrfect addition to your dog’s look, the leather material used is the most similar to dog’s own skin chemistry. This makes it super comfortable for your best friend to strut on their walks. We would love for you to share the love with your followers as well and give one lucky winner a $100 gift card for Hund Denmarks website.Compensation: $50-150Influencer Size Range: Adults 18-50 in the US with 10K+ Instagram followers
Now Fresh
Pet food recipes for dogs and cats with fresh meats & fish. Minimally processed & crafted by pet nutritionists for complete and perfectly balanced meals.Compensation: Flat Fee + Product + Shares on Brand SocialsInfluencer Size Range: Must have pets
HPZ Pet Rover
HPZ Pet Rover is a luxury pet stroller, made for pets of all sizes. We believe YOUR DOG OR CAT IS NOT JUST A PET. Far from it. They’re your babies, your faithful companion, your trusted confidant, and – above all – an integral part of your family. They’re there for you no matter what, and looks to you for guidance, care, comfort and affection. And wherever you go, your pets and puppies want to be there as well – whether it’s on a walk, shopping, running errands, or traveling.  Check Us OutWith the Pet Rover, your forever friends can travel in style and comfort, enjoying fresh air, invigorating smells and interesting sights – and knowing that you’re right there with them, every step of the way.Enjoy free pet accessories and new products that we launch.Compensation: $75 (non-negotiable) + free stroller + potential free products in futureInfluencer Size Range: TBD

Our Other Favorites

connectRN is a platform, not a staffing agency. Signing up is 100% free, and there are never any contracts or hours requirements. Nurses and CNAs have the power to choose when, where, and how they want to work. The future of healthcare will be defined by nurses and our app is designed to help them every step of the way.Compensation: $100-150Influencer Size Range: You MUST be either an LPN or RPN
sploogie pillow
sploogie pillow is a unique pillow filled with wash clothes that snap together. It’s intended for intimate use as the name suggests, and is really comfortable actually. It was meant to be a throw pillow that blends in, but ready for service if needed.Compensation: $50-500KInfluencer Size Range: 10K+ Subscribers on YouTube
Laurel Road
Laurel Road is a digital banking platform and brand of KeyBank that provides tailored solutions to support the financial wellbeing of healthcare and business professionals. For this campaign, we are seeking creators (bonus points if your content lives in the intersection of both healthcare and financial wellness/personal finance) who can create a video that highlights and reviews our High Yield Savings product.Compensation: Up to $3,000Influencer Size Range: 18+ years old
The Adventure Challenge
Select 1 of 50 activity ideas, follow the directions & document in your keepsake journal. Connect with loved ones in new and adventurous ways. Explore our book & camera sets.Compensation: TBD Flat FeeInfluencer Size Range: Any creator
MJ Perkins
Meoeded Paint and Plaster’s products are featured in luxury homes, retail locations, and restaurants around the country. We are the preferred high-end luxury paint and plaster product.We are looking for interior designers to create content for Meoded’s social media. If you have a favorite room in your home or business that needs refurbishing, we want to hear from you. Our main goal is to improve Meoded’s social media presence while enhancing the appearance of your home or business.Are you ready to renovate your home or business? Join our campaign and become a creator with Meoded. We provide you with the tools and pay you to do it!Compensation: $50-350 + up to $2,000 of free productInfluencer Size Range: Any creator 18-65 in the US

UGC Campaigns

Here at Colorsmith, we offer men a completely custom, personalized, and effortless home hair color experience with options for gray coverage on their terms. With our customized formulas, you can blend your grays gradually over time, or cover them up all at once, you decide! Colorsmith also offers hair care products (shampoos and conditioner) that help shield your hair color and nourish your strands.Compensation: $100-500Influencer Size Range: 30+ years old in the United States
Kinky Liqueur
Made for elevating any moment, our premium wines are sourced from some of the finest vineyards in Italy. From our fan-favorite Moscato d’Asti and sparking red and pink to Prosecco and fruit-flavors, life pairs well with Risata.Compensation: $482 for 2 Videos + 2 PhotosInfluencer Size Range: Must be 25+
Natural Vitality Calm
Experience Calm with Natural Vitality Calm, a refreshing magnesium supplement! 💧 #FeelThePowerOfCALMCompensation: $1,000 for 1 VideoInfluencer RequirementsMales & Females (ideally between  30 – 45 years old)Diverse, energetic, engaging & upbeatShould have genuine interest in supplements that support healthy skin, hair, nails, jointsComfortable speaking directly to the camera to deliver testimonial-style content in an authentic way
Join the Taos family and “show” yourself #doinglifeintaos. Whether that is wearing them during epic walks on vacation, taking your dog for a walk, or wearing them throughout your busy day at work, we want to see it!Compensation: $100-200Influencer Size Range: Females 25+ in the US
4 TikTok Videos total (1 minute long) to be posted on the brand’s TikTok channel (organic and paid rights included). You will be able to collaborate with Song Candy Media on content ideas and script outlines – We already have built out the concept for the video series and would be looking to have you put your personal spin on it! You would be a representative for QuickBooks as you’ll consistently appear on the brand’s channel each week (exclusivity for the brand’s top financial competitors). The concept revolves around creating relatable, meme-style videos all about the realities of being an entrepreneur/small business owner (like “social media vs reality”).Compensation: $1,200-$1,400Influencer Size Range: TikTok Creators
Furbo Dog Camera
Keep your pets SAFE and HAPPY while you’re away! Furbo Dog Camera is getting a major upgrade. Introducing the next and BEST thing in dog cameras! With rotating 360° wide-angle camera, color night vision, auto dog tracking, and adjustable treat toss, it’s the very best for you and your pup.Compensation: Flat fee + free product & subscriptionInfluencer Size Range: Must own a pet
Fresh Meal Plan
This is a UGC program for busy married couples. We are looking for a maximum of 45 seconds with a strong call to action. We’d love to hear you pitch a cool and creative content idea to us, however, below is a general guideline of the flow we are looking for.Compensation: $75-200Influencer Size Range: 1K+ followers
Magic Pop Mic
Take your audio content to the next level with the Magic Pop Mic™. Whether you’re into ASMR, UGC, live streams, podcasts, or more this mic is for you.Compensation: TBD Flat RateInfluencer Size Range: Any size

Affiliate Campaigns

Bellroy’s Work Collection offers tools that organize. In a range that offers enough flex for different versions of work, styles of organization, and flow states. From a perfectly organized cable system, to an inspired flurry of a brainstorm board. Because all that matters, is that these tools work for you.Compensation: 15% commissionInfluencer Size Range: 21+ with 1K+ Instagram followers or 2K+ TikTok followers
Magnetic Mom Lashes
Magnetic Mom Lashes are natural-looking, cruelty-free, and re-usable magnetic eyelashes. They’re perfect for ‘normal’ working, busy moms – because they’re durable, easy to apply, and most importantly they’re subtle. They simply enhance your natural beauty; they don’t take over your face! Part of the Magnetic Mom story is a very personal one. It’s rooted in helping women feel beautiful again – in their time of need. Part of each sale goes toward gifting free lash replacements to women at cancer treatment centers.Compensation: 30% commissionInfluencer Size Range: Women with 1K+ followers
Sipsational Coffee
Welcome to Sipsational Coffee, the ultimate destination for coffee enthusiasts seeking the finest Speciality Grade coffee products. We pride ourselves on curating a premium selection of coffees, sourced from the highest quality beans around the world. Our mission is to provide a truly exceptional coffee experience that delights the senses and leaves a lasting impression.Compensation: 20% commissionInfluencer Size Range: All sizes ages 18-40

Gifted Campaigns

Bing Beverage Company
For this shout-out campaign, we want you to post 1 Reel & 1. Specifically, we want to know what recipes you can create using BIng! Be it mix drinks or food, how does Bing inspire you in the kitchen? Nutritional creators – Craft one-of-a-kind delicious food and beverage recipes that incorporate Bing, allowing you to share its exceptional & delightful taste with your audience.Compensation: Product valued at $75Influencer Size Range: 2K+ followers
We want YOU to make your favourite enrichment mixed bowl ASMR style. This single protein food is gently nourishing and great for dogs with food sensitivities. ZIWI Peak® is everything your dog needs to grab adventure by the tail.Compensation: ProductInfluencer Size Range: Must have pets
Misfits Market Grocery Haul
Misfits Market is an online grocery delivery service dedicated to making high-quality food more affordable while fighting food waste. Share a review of your Misfits Market grocery haul! Get fresh produce, sustainably sourced pantry staples, and more delivered right to your door.Compensation: ProductInfluencer Size Range: Any size